PTSD Test Questions

PTSD Certification Test

PTSD Test Questions compiled by David Apperson, Vets Helping Vets Command Sergeant Major; Dr. Vernon Gotcher, Phd; Dr. Bridget Cantrell, Phd; Dr. Anthony Fornito, MD; and David Finkelstein, Stanford MBA

Experience of these individuals have a combined total of 75+ years dealing with traumatic events involving EMTs, First Responders, Police, Rape Victims, Military Personnel and Veterans.

There is no cost for taking the test. You simply answer the questions until you miss one ... at which time you will then be required to restart the PTSD Test. You can retake the exam as many times as it takes to earn an A+ and complete the course ...

Once you pass the test you will have the opportunity to become a Certified PTSD Examiner - Life Members with Vets Helping Vets get 50% off the cost !

Remember, you can take the test as many times as need until you earn an A+ and have become qualified in the basics of Post-traumatic Stress ... Once you have passed the test you will be given the option of being nationally certified in PTSD observation and counseling depending on your medical and/or educational background, as career and/or job advancement.
  • Children and Family Services, Counseling, Coroners, Emergency Room Employees, Family Relations, Mental Health, Psychiatrist, Psychology, Psychologist, Military NCOs and Officers, Police, VA Employees and
  • Those who deal with Child Abuse, Homicides, Rape and/or Robbery Victims and other Traumatic Events witnessed by First Responders
Optional Free Online Alumni Listing for graduates who work as mental health professionals or any member of the The American Legion, Combat Veterans Association, DAV, Legion Riders, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Vietnam Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Vets Helping Vets or the Wounded Warrior Project -

Veteran Service Officers (VSOs) are encouraged to take this course as it will help you understand how to better prepare and file a PTSD Claim with the Dept of Veterans Affairs.

Don't worry if it takes you two hours, two days, two weeks or even two months to complete test. What is important is that the answers and solutions become ingrained in your heart and in your soul -

In other words, on completion of test you are better at handling those with Post-traumatic Stress ! 

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